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Key for Life

Basic Wisdom

These basic words of wisdom can change your life
and meet every need you have. We all desire wisdom
for everyday decisions. Well, here is the best advice and
the place to start.

Let me tell you the greatest words of wisdom you
will ever hear.

Jesus Loves You.
Yes, He does.

How can you know for sure?
God intentionally sent His Son, Jesus, to die for
your sins (like lying, envy, sexual immorality,
cheating, hate, drunkenness, and others).

Everyone has sinned
one way or another. Did you know that sin cannot
enter heaven?
God though, purposely opened a chance for you to enter.
Instead of you paying the consequences for your sins,
Jesus paid them for you.

Your part
Believe Jesus died for your sins. Earnestly open your
heart and ask Him to forgive you.
He waits with open arms to accept you as His own,
but you alone have to make this decision.

Why is this the greatest wisdom?
This dynamic wisdom will give positive guidance in all
your life’s decisions when you sincerely seek Him.
You reap joy, hope and blessings as you follow God’s

Do it now
Don’t hesitate, accept this wisdom with all your heart:

Jesus, come into my life, forgive me of my sins and
cleanse my heart with your blood you shed for me.

I give my all to you now and ask that you become
Lord of my life.  Help me to live for you, in
Jesus’ name, amen.

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