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How would you respond if you knew you could have available, right in the palm of your hands, information to show you how to make wise decisions everyday?



Visions of InspirationsSay gals, here is a gorgeous keepsake designed especially for you. There are 20 pages of breathtaking beauty on the inside and outside, such as gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful flowers and awesome sunsets.

VISIONS OF INSPIRATIONS will lift your spirit and give you joy.  It comes in two sixes: 5 x 7 and 7 x 9. Both greet you with awe-inspiring scenes and colors that jump right out to kiss you.


Book jacket 008 This book is for those of you who want to ingest deeper spiritual truths.  That’s because I have walked consecutively through the chapters of the book of Romans to bring you the depths of its pages. Here are a few of its key topics: Why was Abraham’s faith so crucial to the church today and how does it affect you? How can you “clothe” your self with God’s presence? What are you to do with the spiritual gifts God gives you?

Take an adventure through these 56 short, step-by-step encounters from the cutting-edge truths of the Apostle Paul. These writings to the Roman church are still very relevant today. Let them draw you into a deeper and more fulfilling spiritual life. Take the Right Steps

Previous readers have shared that they have even used the book for small group study.  Partner with me in learning, and ingest the rich content.


Book jacket 003


Life experiences can be really hard on you. They zap your hope and increase your pain when unwise choices are made. Wisdom doesn’t grow on trees. It’s not inhaled when you’re born, and it’s not inherited. I have made a collection of 60 short writings specifically developed for the person on the go. These wise tips are from the book of wisdom called Proverbs. Some of the key topics covered that you will need to know include how you can begin to receive wisdom, how you can be a positive influence (on your family, friends, and acquaintances), how to guard your mind (which is so urgently necessary), and how to recognize that God has a plan for your life. Here is a book of wisdom that you can have right in the palm of your hand – It’s Just Common-Sense

Keep this book handy so that you can refer to it again and again. You may also want to share it as a gift.