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Hi!  It’s amazing how God uses average individuals when they place their lives in His hands and allow Him to lead. I’m one of those people, and I’ve never regretted it. I must admit, though, that it has been quite a learning challenge for one inexperienced in the realm to which He directed me.

As a young person, I felt God’s Spirit speak to my heart to work full time for Him. I started to prepare myself for that call, and after a few years of college I found myself marrying David, who was planning to be a pastor. Me, a pastor’s wife! It seemed unbelievable! I knew nothing about being a pastor’s wife. I definitely experienced a learning curve, but I was amazed how God filled my heart with love for people.

In 1999, after I had spent almost 40 years in full-time ministry, God’s Spirit impressed on me to write a book. I wondered if this book would ever come to fulfillment. I felt like a fish out of water trying to learn these challenging skills! At one time you may have been challenged with a seemingly impossible task. But when God calls, He is faithful to help us fulfill that call.

In the following years I wrote two books that are helps to develop a firm foundation in Christ:

Take The Right Steps: 56 steps to benefit your spiritual growth as you travelthrough the Bible books of Romans and Galatians.

It’s Just Common Sense 60 short daily wisdom principles from Proverbs to guide you to make wise daily decisions in a world with limited common sense.

Two years-ago God dropped in my heart the desire to write and help parents train their children in godly disciplines. Kid Help, Parents Taking Control, came into being as an eBook to download at home, and it is also available on CD.

In my many years of ministry, I’ve gained so much that I am now able to share some wisdom on this website with you. Faithfully join me so that I too can implant in your life God’s wisdom for your benefit.

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