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Welcome to the prayer station.

There are times when our hearts are so burdened we need an undergirding of prayer help to approach God Almighty and to sustain us.

I want to share with you this encouragement. There is an interesting event that happens to the Israelites after they escaped out of Egypt and crossed the Red Sea. At the beginning of their journey to the Promised Land they were attached by the Amalekites, a warring tribe. (Read Exodus 17:7-14). Israel had no army; they were still new as a nation. Moses takes charge and tells Joshua to choose some men and go out and fight. Moses said he would stand on a hill where he could see the battle and would hold up the rod of God. As long as his hands were up, Israel was winning, but Moses’ arms got tired. Aaron and Hur brought a stone for him to sit on and they held up Moses’ hands. As long as his hands were lifted, Israel was able to win.

You need others to uphold you, so share your prayer request and I will gladly pray along with you. Don’t we all need an “Aaron and Hur?”

May God go before you as well as behind and keep you in His care. Blessings, Florence

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