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Nix The Last Minute

People’s minds are easily distracted from the everyday mundane and from fearful news.

There are television show that leave us eager to follow, shows that challenge us, and others that make us laugh when life gets grim. We have the option to skip over bad news we don’t want to hear or see and to ignore any political adversity that might cause us to fear. We can stay in the dark or hide our heads in programs that just tickle our desires.

We would rather not deal with the scary part of what’s happening in our country or world. We convince ourselves that we cannot change anything that’s working to bring disaster; so it should be left to those who know what to do in the situation, right? This frees us to remain distracted with the devices of the present. As long as our needs are met and there’s food in the house, we figure we’re fine – like hiding our heads in a hole, we deceive ourselves.

The Bible talks about disaster coming on us suddenly when we are unprepared, The day of the Lord will come, a day of great judgement on mankind that will bring God’s wrath on the entire world (1 Peter 4:7, 17).

You might say, “But what can I do to be prepared?” We first start with answering the most important question in our lives. The answer to that question will determine who will go to heaven or hell. Yes, there is a hell. To get into heaven we must be in right relationship with God. The following questions will reveal where you go: Have I accepted Jesus, God’s Son, in my life? Am I living for Him?

Jesus’ death and resurrection made available away for you and me to be forgiven from our sins; we all have sinned. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father [God] except through me” (John 14:6, NIV). All humanity must make an individual decision about weather or not to accept Him; but only one choice opens the door into heaven.

Don’t delay or waver about this tremendous decision to accept God’s Son and the sacrifice He made for you to enter heaven. This opportunity will not be open once you stand before Him unprepared. You may not have another chance to accept Christ.

Nix the last minute decision. Make the right decision now that will assure you of God’s acceptance. With sincerity, simply say, ” Jesus, I believe you died for me. Forgive me, cleanse me, and accept me into your kingdom. Be Lord of my life. Thank you, Jesus.” When we begin to apply His teachings to our lives and wholeheartedly live for Him His Spirit becomes our mentor.

Unlike the things we see in society today, you can believe Him, trust Him, and rely on Him.

Florence Simmons writes to glorify God and to help believers know Christ. Contact her,