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1. The truth is that God absolutely wants to bless us when we set our hearts on following Him. The ones who experience his blessings are those who trust Him to lead them and who are determined to walk in His statues with an unyielding desire to be subject to Him.

2. We can’t fool God. Hiding something that we know is wrong doesn’t work. He sees what we do. He wants us to do right. He loves us and wants us to be victorious, not defeated.

3. Life’s good times and hard times are all brought together for Gods purpose and for our good. We may not understand why we have to be challenged with the loss of a child, a home burned down, or a life-threating accident. God knows. He cares and wants to bring the best out of every situation. Trust Him.

4. Griping drags us down, but being thankful lift’s us up. God does something in our spirit when we choose to be thankful. He lifts our hearts and minds above our circumstances and gives us hope. We become victorious instead of disgruntled.

5. All our possessions, finances, and family are given to us by God. He loans them to us. We may think they are our own, but He is the One who gives us strength, positions, health, and our abilities. They all come from Him.

6. Spending time in prayer with God isn’t lost time. In fact, this time is so significant that if we miss it, we lose out on spiritual growth, on knowing His direction and wisdom for the day, and we fail to experience His powerful presence. He wants to have a growing relationship with us. The question is… do we want to have a growing relationship with Him?

7. We never laydown anything for God-our lives, our dreams, our abilities, our finances, or our family – that we won’t receive back one hundred fold. Jesus told the people, Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure… and running over, shall be poured into your lap”(Luke 6:38, NIV). The Lord will multiply your labors.

8. It takes determination to successfully live a believer’s life. When traumatic events shake our lives, were not supposed to give up, We learn to trust and lean on Jesus to support and strengthen us. He that is in us is greater than the circumstance around us.

9. When we train our family in the godly principles and obedience found in God’s Word, we become the benefactors of those foundations that will bless us for many years. They become powerful and successful morals to stabilize our lives.

10. God is the One who enables us to love people. He gives us that love; without it, we’re self-centered, egotistical, and inconsiderate. We need to ask Him to give us a heart like His for those who are spiritually destitute and for those with whom we interact.

Florence Simmons writes to glorify God and to help believers know Christ. Contact her,