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A Little Girl’s Gift

Would I obey the Holy Spirit’s tug?

Snowflakes gently floated to the ground. A little girl pressed her face against the drug store window. Every year this window had a display of toys. This display held her interest. In the corner of the window, sitting on the bookshelf was a beautiful doll.

Sandy would dream about this doll. Deep in her heart Sandy knew that Christmas wouldn’t include gifts this year. mommy couldn’t afford to buy toys for Christmas. Daddy left mommy with no money for food or toys.

Every night before bed Sandy would talk to Jesus. “Jesus my mommy has no money. Mommy taught me that you are very rich. She also said that I could ask for things that I needed. Could I have that doll in the drug store window?”

After all the heartache this year, a beautiful doll would give her much joy. Her mother never knew that Sandy talked to Jesus about that doll. I knew about Sandy’s desire. While on my way to work, I saw Sandy gazing into the drug store window. Would I answer that tugging on my heart, that desire to give a gift that would give joy to a little girl and that would strengthen her faith in Jesus? After all, God gave us a gift at Christmas, a gift placed in a manger with these instructions: “For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NLT).  There it was again, that tugging on my heart to buy that doll for Sandy. Would I obey the Holy Spirit?

The Next morning, Sandy stared into that drug store window. Where was that doll? Her doll was gone! Trembling with tears, Sandy walked to school. After all, maybe Jesus didn’t hear her prayer.

Jesus did hear Sandy’s prayer. That night while her mother made supper the doorbell rang. There on the doorstep sat a hamper basket overloaded with food and Sandy’s beautiful doll. Yes, Jesus did answer the desire of Sandy’s heart. Under her scraggly Christmas tree was her precious gift that would bring her joy.

This Christmas, answer the tugging of your heart-bring peace and joy to someone in need.

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