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Horrible days they were, when Herod was at the helm,
Filled with so much self-will, he cared for no one in his realm.
— o —
And yet to people who lived, in those days of great fear,
God sent angels with a message that was very hard to adhere.
— o —
It was a message that was said, in the Christmas story a lot,
God told the angels to say it….FEAR NOT!
Luke 1:30, Math. 1:20, Luke 2:10
— o —
But it was easy for the angels to say fear not, they were not the teenage child,
Who was pregnant, and very soon would be severely reviled.
— o —
And the angels were not the young man, whose reputation would soon be shady,
Being engaged to a woman who had somebody else’s baby.
— o —
It was easy for the angels to say fear not, to the shepherds that night,
They were not the ones, who were seeing the heavenly host in dazzling light.
— o —
But the angels could say fear not, for they knew that God had a plan,
That would be filled with much satisfaction, to every accepting man.
— o —
In that plan that God had thought, He would send His Son,
And into this fear stricken world, God’s peace would come.
— o —
And in His Son there will be fulfillment, joy and love,
That would come to them from God above.
— o —
So once again it is that time, to open your heart and mind,
To the wonderful story of Christmas, and in it God’s peace you will find.
— o —
And even though the world’s news is still filled with fear, a lot,
The message of the angel’s is still the same…..FEAR NOT.
David Simmons

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