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Ever Thought About What One Person Can Do?

One willing person is all that is needed.

A Hindu man visited a church in Delhi, India. While there, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and participated in an ongoing discipleship program for the length of a year. At the end of that time, he sensed that the Lord wanted him to return to his village and tell the people about Jesus. He left with a Bible, a booklet about salvation written in Hindi and–a bullhorn.

He began to hold Sunday services in three different villages. Since there is no electricity in those villages, he had to use the bullhorn. The people in the back could not hear, but they were able to see the Lord doing many miracles. People were amazed by what they saw and the word began to spread.

Every week this Hindu man would contact the pastor in Delhi and after a few months, he began to tell the pastor many people were coming to his meetings. The Hindu’s continual reminder caused the pastor to send his associate minister to visit and report what was happening. When the associate returned from his visit he said to the pastor, “You must go and see for yourself.”

The pastor traveled to this man’s village and on Sunday the pastor realized it was necessary to hold three different services to accommodate this flock. Indeed there were many people, 44,000 to be exact!

Think of what God can do through you. Are you willing?

Carol Zior from Florida had a son working in ministry in India and shared her experienced.

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