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A New Level of Consciousness

Pressures of life stress us out, and many people look for ways to release everyday tensions and anxiety. People seeking think they have found the answer in yoga.

“Over the years, yoga has risen in popularity as a way to stay fit, get in touch with one’s inner self, and keep a balance of sanity in a sometimes insane world,” a yoga website informs the reader.

On television and in newspapers, we see repetitive glimpses of a person in meditation seated with legs crossed in a yoga position, with palms up and hands lying on the knees, or hands together in front of her. Some health advisers, who have been quoted in health and wellness magazines, have promoted yoga as mankind’s best resource. In fact, advertisements for yoga have so heightened awareness that many are falling for this fallacy. Yes, it is a temporary fix.

Mothers take their young children to classes where they learn yoga positions, and their innocent heads are filled with wrong thinking. Adults go to yoga classes, mindless of the fact the yoga culture comes out of a Buddhist background. The peddlers of yoga do not seem to disclose that information. People are told they need to “enhance the quality of their existence” through yoga or “create a greater connection with one’s own pure essential nature”—words that manipulate the gullible. God is the only One to fill this space.

When there is a spiritual vacuum, people listen to false hopes. The world is reaching in the wrong direction for answers to reduce stress and obtain a better existence. It is extremely unwise to open your spirit by delving into yoga or any other thing. Buddhism has been around for hundreds of years; it is nothing new; just repackaged as health benefits. This supposed enlightenment has kept nations in spiritual darkness for ages and has not satisfied the spiritual needs of your soul. Believers should never be receptive to these persuasions.

The One who made you and gave His life so you can be forgiven desires to “create a greater connection” with you every day. Pursuing Christ, instead of some other so call mystical power you do not know, gratifies and uplifts your body, soul, and spirit. You don’t have to position yourself before Him or go to a particular place. There is no charge to talk to Him anytime or anywhere. He says, “Before they call I will answer” (Isaiah 65:24 NIV). In the time you spend with Jesus, you will experience less stress and find His lasting peace. Isn’t this what you want anyway?

The Holy Spirit will draw you into greater experiences that will charge your day and those in your future. Being in His presence is greater than any new level of yoga.

Florence Simmons writes to encourage people to invite more of Christ into the moments of their day. Check out her website and her MOBI www.commensensewisdom.MOBI. Email her at