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A Radically Different Lens

Could you have watched your family and relatives being snatched away from you right before your very eyes? Thousands have experienced this scene.

In just a blown up dingy with only a few necessary items and identification refugees have fled war, famine, politics and depleted economies. Anything would be better than the former homeland where fighting’s, injustices and harsh punishment is metered out for the slightest cause.

“Fifty Syrian refugees were wedged on a boat meant for 20, all clinging to the hope they would reach Europe. Each had already faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles to freedom. Many had witnessed robbery, rape and even murder.”

Disembarking this boat reveals they are not the first taking this trip. Thousands of abandon life jackets are scattered over the island beach – and graves for those who have died at sea; heart-wrenching to all those who are trying to grasp just a portion of it all. People will do almost anything to get out of the way of flying bullets and injustices.

Now as Muslims flee to Europe for a better life, many are opening to the gospel. People from other cultures have been told they must be perfect or penalties are demanded.

Believers everywhere are sharing the hope in Christ and seeing the gospel increase. Unbelievers have been seeing the joy of the Lord in the lives of believers. Not every story ends with a salvation prayer. For those who do receive they are jubilant.

“Consistently every missionary pleads for the Church to view this move as radically different then the publics or the government.

Europe missionaries tell of knowing more than 20,000 Muslim who have come to Christ. The Word once impossible to share is now blazing. This is amazing!

The task is so huge. Food rations shrink as bureaucracy expands. This problem will impact our generation whether we like it or not, the task huge.

Florence Simmons writes to encourage people to invite more of Christ into the moments of their day. Check out her website and her MOBI www.commensensewisdom.MOBI. Email her at