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Guarding Our Home...

Homes are where morals are instilled and children learn values

Recently, I heard a speaker say, “The home is the domestic church.” Home is where the family flourishes, traditions are created, memories are cherished, where morals are instilled, and most importantly where our children learn their values. The church is a place of worship that provides Christians with fellowship, instruction, and comfort.

Bringing our children to church is an integral part of their Christian education. The church is a wonderful place for families to gather and to develop relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ. As Christians, it is our responsibility to create a home that mirrors the fellowship, values, and teachings of Christ.

Why Should We Guard Our Home?

We should guard our home because it is the family sanctuary. The outside world can be a frightening and dangerous place. Our children need to know that they have a secure place to go where the outside world is kept outside. When we allow worldly outside influences to enter our home we are inviting destruction. Keep the door locked from all that is of the world.

From What Do We Guard Our Home?

As a Christian, from what should we guard our mind? We guard our mind from all that is against God. Therefore, when we guard our home we are guarding it from anything that goes against the commandments and teaching of the Lord. If we allow gossip in our home than we are allowing a layer of dirt to develop, when lying is tolerated a thicker layer of dirt starts to form, if we allow media that is ungodly in our home than it adds another layer. If we allow negative influences into our home it becomes dirty, filled with thick layers of grime that only a good spiritual cleaning can fix.

How Should We Guard Our Home?

We are Christ’s soldiers, marching forward through the battlefield of landmines that try to keep us off the narrow path. We only arrive at victory if we use discernment, God given wisdom, and are obedient to the Lord’s Word and commandments. The same knowledge that we use in the battlefield is the same knowledge we must use when guarding our home.

When we raise our children in a home that reflects godly values, it has a long lasting impact on them both in the present and the future. Children will view the home as a place where they are safe from the outside world, where the Lord is glorified, and morals are instilled. We can’t control the outside world, but we can control what happens in our home. We have a responsibility Monday through Saturday to reflect these teachings in our home.

Chere Williams is a single mom with a five year old named Anya. She writes a weekly column with Moms of Faith about parenting and home life.

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