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Song over the Sink

Jesus said again that if any two of us agree touching anything that we ask in his name it would be done for us by his Father in heaven. (Matthew 18, v19) I like how the amplified version adds to “agree” “harmonize together ” or “make a symphony.”

I remember once as a boy washing dishes with my older brother as he introduced to me the idea of singing together in harmony. I’m sure it made that dreaded task of dish-washing a lot more pleasant than it would otherwise have been! I had no idea either I would make such enormous future use of that mini-lesson. We know how beautiful it can sound when two or more voices blend together in harmony and how powerful a symphony is in its impact when all instruments play their parts in tune and in time with one another. This is the beauty and power released in and from the presence of God when any two or more of us agree together in prayer. That is how important it is to Jesus and the Father, and the Holy Spirit for us to agree and to walk together in unity.

On the other hand, what repulsive cacophony results when we argue and oppose, and compete with each other? God will not inhabit such discord. Let’s harmonize our prayers in a beautiful song and moving symphony unheard till now, unique to our generations as are the details of the matters and the characteristics of the persons about which and whom we pray!

Recently retired school teacher and current military chaplain/missionary. Author of 5 published books of devotional poetry, stories, short essays and plays.

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