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The Lord Stops for...

Traveling among the mountains of West Virginia and Maryland, I and my husband David finally found a place to stop for a bite to eat. It was well past noon when we found one, and the place was almost empty. When we finished our shared sandwich meal, I engaged in a conversation with the waitress.

I found she had just finished her general Education degree but was uncertain now how to continue: should she pursue only elementary education, or should her emphasis include Special Ed? Other questions tumbled out. What would be the best age level to suit her interest? She was looking for assistance toward her next step.

The interesting part of this discussion revealed the helpful experience she presently was having as a temporary substitute teacher in some of these areas. The waitress had not recognized how beneficial this would be as a stepping stone. She was on the right path, but still needed confirmation and much experience.

I understood her dilemma somewhat since our daughter Carol, who earned the same degree some time ago, asked similar questions. Carol became a teacher’s helper and experienced offering valuable support. Later she stepped out into her first pre-school Special Ed position and started tackling all kinds of new challenges.

Understanding and experience is needed at the start of every new adventure, job, or new language. Sharing what you have learned about certain subjects can be helpful in a new job and to those who are unexperienced.

Be helpful and pass on what you have learned. Do so with a willing heart, not with an arrogant attitude. You will know what it is to have a joyful heart.

Over time, a first grade teacher’s position opened, and Carol signed up for the opportunity. In her various positions, she has been an encourager to both teachers and students.

I feel the reason we stopped was not so much for edibles but to share a few encouraging words at just the right time. Be the Lord’s encourager.

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