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A Plea for Our Nation

Your predecessor Daniel rose each morning and worshipped toward Jerusalem. When the decree of Satan came through the government of Babylon that on forfeit of life all people must at prescribed times bow down to a golden image, he knew what the question was. It is what it all comes down to in the end. Who is Lord? It was the question in the Eden of God and it is the question now, in this place and in this time. Daniel understood the primal importance of his response to this universal question and refused to worship the idol. Also he did not try to hide from view his own hour of prayer. Three times a day he knelt before his open window and worshipped Jehovah God, the God of creation.

There is a mighty battle raging now in our own nation. But unlike Daniel who was captive in a foreign land (of foreign gods), we as citizens of the United States have the amazing privilege of living in a land whose government was originally drafted by men of God and based upon the tenets of the Christian faith. (In my personal library I have the documents to prove this.) For several hundred years now our people have enjoyed a life of freedom almost unprecedented in our world. But we are in grave and imminent danger of losing these blessings.

It is true this does not mean necessarily we would lose our personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. He is already King of our hearts. But if we sit on our hands rather than raising them like Daniel did, in worship, we could end up as captives in our own land. Did our ancestors shed their blood that they gave willingly that others might have liberty and freedom of worship in vain? Jesus said greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend. Our forefathers and as well down through the years and many wars Americans have sacrificed the greatest thing a person possesses, their very lives. That we might have, and keep, our freedom they died.

Why do you think they did that? Do you suppose it was because they knew the awful consequences of living under the heavy hand of oppression? But so many of our people, it seems, have either forgotten, or never knew, are blinded, or are sleeping. To say this is not to condemn, but out of love for God and our land to cry, “Wake up!”

But I pray that we as Christians may have the wisdom to know how to fight this present, particular battle. For it is spiritual warfare, a war for the hearts and governance of the American people, and the land that has been so great a blessing: not only to ourselves but for the whole world. We have been an island of freedom: if we lose this where can people run to for asylum? Please God let us fight this battle (and win it), not by political infighting, denominational wrangling, or physical warfare and all the works of the flesh; but on our knees, united as one in prayer and worship before You, the only true God. I plead with You, help us respond to the big question of Who is Lord, just like Daniel did, on his knees with his hands raised toward Heaven.

Writer Janice Cartwright

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