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A Mother’s Love Saves Millions

The order was given that all male babies were to be drowned in the Nile River.

No mother wants to determine the fate of her child, but it was one forced upon Jochebed, a Hebrew wife and slave in Egypt. The reigning Pharaoh declared that all Hebrew male babies must be drowned in the Nile River. The proclamation was made out of fear that the Hebrew slaves were beginning to outnumber the Egyptians.

Fearing for the life of her newborn son, Jochebed cradled him in her arms and softly sang praises to God to muffle the baby’s cries from being overheard by the soldiers. Three months passed by, and she could no longer hide him. How could she save his life?

Jochebed devised a plan, constructing a basket from papyrus reeds from the banks of the Nile River. Knowing of the bathing time of the Pharaoh’s daughter each day in the Nile, she placed the baby in the basket and sent it downstream in the fast moving, waters towards the temple and the princess.

The book of Exodus tells of God’s loving protection over the baby, and of his retrieval from the Nile by the princess. She named him Moses, meaning: I drew him from the water. Moses’ sister, watching from a distance, volunteered to find a woman to take the baby home and nurse him (a period of three years), and that woman was Jochebed.

Moses lived with his parents, where he was taught daily about Yahweh, the God of the Israelites. All too soon came the time when he must be returned to the princess. Jochebed took his little hand in hers and started the long and sorrowful walk to the palace, knowing that she may never see her son again. Only the grace of God could help her to accomplish this difficult task.

Eight decades later, God used Moses to liberate the Hebrews from four hundred years of captivity in Egypt. His mother’s love and sacrificial decision years earlier to set him free upon the Nile culminated in the deliverance of millions of people.

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