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Get Your Heartburn Here?

“Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us…?” (Luke 24:31, NIV).

Two disciples of Jesus took a walk; the most unusual and thought provoking walk they would ever have. They were puzzled over the stunning events that occurred. Jesus, the One thought to be the Messiah by many had been falsely condemned by the chief priest and rulers. With crowds controlled by these men events turned ugly.

Although innocent of these falsehoods, Jesus was taken, beaten, and with raw, bleeding wounds from the cruel whips was nailed, hand and feet, on a Roman cross. Hearts were broken and many were left bewildered.

These two certainly had plenty to discuss. A stranger joined them and asked about their concerns. They listened to this outsider until arriving at their destination. Wanting to hear more they invited Him to stay. They ate together and Jesus broke bread as former times. Their spiritual eyes opened and they recognized Him as the glorified Christ. He then disappeared from them.

Astonished! “They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us…and opened Scripture”’ (Luke 24:32, NIV)? In Jesus’ presence, the disciples recognized the Holy Spirit’s tug on their hearts, felt His love, His authority and saw His revelation.

Have you felt His presence? Does your heart burn with the indwelling of His Spirit? If not, sit in Jesus’ presence. This heart burn is worth experiencing and needs no anti-acid (anon).

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