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Celebrate Beginnings

For as long as I can remember, there has always been a fanfare of celebration to embrace the New Year. Parties are held, friends gather, food is in abundance, and the partying stretches into the wee hours of the first day.

January 1st is a new beginning, but, actually, our entire lives hold intriguing starters each year that may be even more powerful than the New Year’s blast. These beginnings may affect smaller groups of individuals with less fanfare, but, to many, the new challenges are very important and very significant. We seem to take these encounters for granted, yet they all fit into making our lives very vital in the New Year in which we face. Some of these events are pivotal, while others seem less fundamental, yet all signify a new step. Here are just a few.

For first time parents, the excitement and anticipation of life being created by two individuals can be awesome. The fanfare for this event includes those closely associated and most likely does not have the pomp and circumstance of a major event, but it may be just as important to those involved.

Everything a child learns brings new beginnings; learning what those funny objects on her feet are that we call toes, giggling, talking, and learning to walk are all separate beginnings that are necessary for that little one. Stop and consider: if we didn’t have these new lessons in life, it would be a sad situation. How vital are they? Try to do without, and they become more important than a new year, yet to us they are ever so common.

For a teenager, gaining wheels is big and celebrating with his or her peers brings a fanfare all of it’s own. The car’s importance catapults him toward adulthood, acknowledging a very momentous step in his life, and a big change for his parents as well.

The first time you are away from home and on your own may bring a whirlwind of excitement and jubilation. You celebrate your independence with friends and family, and you love the idea that now you can make your own decisions. The kick off of a new future can be as intimidating as a new year.

The greatest of all beginnings is the moment a person accepts Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord. This decision is crucial because it determines the final future destination of every individual. Celebrate the coming year by making that life changing decision.

There will be new beginnings in your future this New Year. You can celebrate them without fear if you put yourself in your Creator’s hand and realize that each new start is a part of His plan for you.

One instant beginning, for all believers, may be the rapture, Christ’s return. Now, that would be a fantastic celebration?

Florence Simmons is a pastor’s wife, a mother and an author. Her writings train us how to apply God’s Word to our lives. Find her at,