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The Seemingly Unimportant

Have you noticed how we take so much for granted and overlook the seemingly unimportant until something happens?

Do not take for granted or leave out being thankful for:

Family–a missing or injured child would bring us much sorrow; we would feel miserable for not being more watchful. Yet, at times it is easy to get irritated with them or choose to ignore their presence. Young ones are still learning.

A faithful spouse, one who knows Christ as Savior‒be thankful if you have married a person who thinks alike with you and with whom you can easily communicate.

Family‒Can your families gather together for events and enjoy each other without ranting at each other? Some cannot?

Love‒Do you have people who love you and are concerned about you? Be grateful.

Health‒Well-being concerns are a main issue. If you can get around and can work, then count your blessings and be thankful. Scores of people may not have this ability.

Freedom‒Have we all been taking our freedom for granted?

Consideration‒Empathy and compassion of what others are going through. Our lives are all about me or my family, when we are encouraged by God’s Word to also be concerned with those in need.

Gospel‒Thankfulness to still be able to share the message of Jesus Christ [This door could close soon if believers continue to neglect the wisdom of the Word].

Here is a thought; start deleting the things in your life that you would immediately miss if they were gone. What is the total? What category takes up most of your thoughts?

Is it too late to be thankful? Thankfulness should always be on our lips.

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