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It Is Not God’s Fault

Do you have this challenge?

You have prayed a long time for the salvation of a loved one or friend who seems not to have any spiritual interest. Prayers have gone up for years, while you were looking, weeping, and waiting for that special time to rejoice with him or her, but no heart change has been noticeable. Your prayers seem shut‒up in heaven.

Discouraged, you ask yourself, Why does God not give even a little bit of encouragement? Does He even hear my prayers? You become mad at God and say, Why should I serve a God who does not answer? In fact, the loved one is even more resistant. You angrily decide God is not interested in your prayers. The truth is, God heard you from the very beginning, and, no, He is not deaf. The enemy of your soul has taken advantage of your doubt.

You may not like to hear this ‒ but God gives everyone a will, and He will not violate that will. He does not force people to accept His Son’s blood sacrifice on the cross as the only way to enter heaven, but the Holy Spirit draws them. God’s Word says He is always working; He does not sleep or take vacations. It is not His will any should perish. You may blame God for not answering when all the time He has been working for you. He fulfills His part.

My mother was in her early thirties when she accepted Christ because of a testimony from my grandparents. My Dad, well…he wanted to go out with his work buddies. There were conflicts in the home, but occasionally she got to church where she received spiritual teaching. My mother prayed many years before Dad accepted the salvation message.

The hardness of people’s hearts keeps them bound. It was not that my Dad never heard; there seemed to be a spiritual resistance, an attitude that he would someday make that decision… but not now. Spiritual blindness and a stubborn heart continually reject the gentle pull of the Holy Spirit. The eyes are spiritually darkened. So God then gets the blame, but God has been working for you. It is not God’s fault!

Here is something you can do: with energy, start thanking God for the fulfilment of your prayer for (speak out the person’s name). Continue to praise God every day for his or her salvation. Tell God you want to pray for His will, His divine plan for your father, son, or whomever is on your heart. Jesus has given His believers spiritual authority to pray these words: “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, whatsoever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 18:18, NIV). Use this authority in your prayers, which all comes through the powerful name of Jesus.

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