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The Will of God on Earth

Have you ever asked why you are here on earth? Since you are here, what is your will?

People from all walks of life seem to want another person’s opinion about a topic, a personal situation, or even a family dispute. They seem to need a confirmation of what they say, or an endorsement for a questionable action.

I have read and spoken the Lord’s Prayer many times, and you may have done so too; it’s found in Matthew 6:10-13. Recently these words caught my attention again: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

For ages, God has had wonderful plans for the earth and its people. God has never asked advice from anyone here on earth before acting out His plan. He never asked for my opinion or anyone else’s opinion about something He planned. You see, He is the Maker of heaven and earth. He’s the One in charge. He made us, and He doesn’t ask His creation for suggestions. We don’t have the reasoning to make any kind of decision for the Maker of us all, because God’s plans are above and beyond our understanding.

Jesus knew that His Father’s will was done in heaven without quibbling or questioning, and so He prays, “Thy will be done on earth.”

God’s will has always been to have a relationship with His creation. His plan, to be “done on earth,” was to reach between the galaxies of time and connect with mankind. This link was created through the obedience of God’s One and only Son, Jesus Christ. Eternal life was established through Jesus for anyone who believes wholeheartedly and accepts His sacrifice for sin. When we adjust our hearts with God’s plan and purpose, we reap His infinite blessings.

It’s the will of the Father who has already established His will in heaven to bring about His plan for our earthly realm. Chaos on our planet is not God’s desire. His heart breaks for those who reject His Son. It is because of God’s longsuffering attitude toward mankind that His Spirit still calls out to hearts that are deceived, bound in worldly religions, enticed with things that destroy the soul, and inclined to reject His plan.

It is God’s will that none should perish, but the response of each person to God’s plan will determine his or her soul’s last destination. It is already established that in heaven every knee will bow before Him.

As God has ordained His will and plan on earth, let His will also become your will. He has a plan for you that will bring you great joy and blessing. Begin by saying, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth” and in my life.

What we see God doing now on earth is only a microscopic part of His vast plan. We who accept Christ’s sacrifice are privileged to be a part of this tremendous master plan ‒ HIS will on earth.

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