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1. Give…you will find both forgiveness and romance in the proportion that you give it. Be a watch dog of your marriage if you want it to succeed. Once married your wife or husband is to be first before your other relationships; it takes time to feel comfortable in the new roles you have chosen.

2. Put God first, your mate second, and yourself third. It is not all about you; it is about God working out His purpose in both of your lives. If we always want to be first, God does have a way to humble us. He desires us to have a repentant heart.

3. Control your tongue…God Himself cannot kill words once they are spoken and you cannot take back what you said in your anger. Submit your tongue and mind to God and fill it with His Word.

4. Make your marriage one of eternal courtship. Busyness with life flies by; before we realize, we haven’t connected with our spouse in a meaningful way. Get your calendar and mark several days or evenings just for you, and then don’t let anyone steal that time.

5. Take time every day to read the Bible and pray with your family. Sow God’s Word. This may work before the family goes to bed or right after supper. Understanding Scripture cements families, and discussion of what you read is beneficial to know what it says. Husbands are to take a leadership role.

6. Build your mates faith in both God and self. We cannot help but see bad character traits or flaws in our helpmate. Not very often do we see our own; but, hey, they are there. Remember, God sees them and He still loves you. God is working to perfect each one for His kingdom.

7. Once in a while give a gift or card to your spouse for no particular reason and pay cash. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it shows that you are thinking about him or her and that this was not a last minute decision.

8. Take a walk together, forget the cell phone, and center in on each other alone. If the weather is nice take a blanket and throw it on the ground at some nearby park. Let your mate know you are glad that you are married to him or her‒and do it often (anon).

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