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Your Time Is Now

God has a greater purpose for your life.

You have been born in a free land.
You live in a time when all can speak out and be heard.
Women are able to speak out and are given leadership positions.
Education is available for everyone.
You have many more opportunities than former generations.

Ask yourself:

Why was I born in a free country and not in a nation with a cruel dictator?
Why am I able to freely read God’s Word or hear a speaker challenge me with God’s Word?
Why am I able to learn a wealth of knowledge when others cannot even read?
Why was I born at this time in history?

Just think, your generational family could have traveled on the wilderness journey with Moses, or rode in a covered wagon traveling westward in search of the new world of America, fighting the Indians along the way. Do some thinking on this subject and place yourself in other cultures. Tell yourself, “I could have been (various places in the world)”; then ask yourself, “Why not?”

Does God have a hand in where you are placed? Esther lost her parents at a young age and was adopted and raised by Mordecai, a relative, who had a fairly high position in the Babylonian government under King Xerxes. Also in the government at this time was Haman, an enemy of the Jews. He informed the king that there were certain people in his kingdom whose customs were different than his “and who did not obey the king’s laws.” Haman convinced the king that “it is not in the king’s best interest to tolerate them.” Haman persuaded the king that all these people should be removed and that he could take care of that for him, so King Xerxes gave him his signet ring and his authority.

The set date for this act was sent to the King’s whole kingdom. When Mordecai heard the announcement of the death of the Jews, he dressed in sackcloth and ashes; all the Jews mourned. Mordecai told Esther to go to the king and plead for her people. Esther reminded him that the protocol was that anyone approaching the king without proper authority would immediately be put to death. Mordecai replied to Esther, “Who knows but that you have come to [this] royal position for such a time as this?” God had already placed Esther in position to counteract this wicked plot (Esther 3:9-15, 4:17, NIV).

You were placed here – now in this computer, cell phone, and texting age – and God has you here for a purpose. With God’s power, break out of the mold that society or so-called friends use to control you, since God has a specific purpose for your life at this very hour. Where has God placed you: in a school, a government position, or as a mother who will mightily influence a child for God’s next generation?

He has planned that place for you beforehand. Your timing is now.

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