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Don’t Forfeit Your Satellite Eyes

Has anyone had a rocket ride lately? Not many of us have had opportunity to survey the massive scenery that one would see looking down from miles above before the space station and satellites existed. Planes may allow us a small glimpse of that viewpoint

If we could hover in space, our view would enlarge our perspective on how small our planet is in comparison to God’s magnificent galaxy all around us.

When we look down from spaces advantage, we realize how minute mankind looks on the Earth, but, more so, how small we must look from God’s viewpoint. Our everyday problems overshadow our beyond-the-earth view. We easily forget what God has done for us, and our understanding is hindered from seeing what God is presently doing as we’re over whelmed by our daily pressures.

To focus on the One who has made all that we see in the heavens, we quite often need to look up and see the Milky Way or, in our own mental eyes, envision His great universe. We have to remind ourselves continually that we have a magnificent God whom we serve; and to just think that He decided long ago to be intertwined with us.

When we know the Lord as our personal Savior and spend time to fellowship with Him, we can be transferred into the space realm in any instant during the day by just breathing the name of Jesus. In the midst of busy traffic, we can be transmitted in a blink to a place greater than this small Earth.

God, in His mightiness, transports Himself into our realm in less than a nanosecond because He loves us. Who else could do such a thing? He wants to fellowship and meet with us in our daily connections, or on the paths we walk. He will remind you of His presence by giving you a song or an open door of opportunity. No, none of His blessings are deserved, but His goodness and greatness works for you.

He is not hindered by being at a heavenly distance a zillion light-years away, because He made the universe in the first place and He can transcend it however He wants. We here on earth need to stretch our minds beyond our problems and daily struggles. God has made that communication possible for us through His Son.

You won’t get bogged down with the weights of life when you look at them through satellite eyes. What a way to live! But remember, it’s up to you to keep that majestic space realm in mind when your life is hitting the skids and all the difficulties are threatening to overshadow that image. Don’t forfeit that satellite position for an incomplete view.

Florence Simmons writes to glorify God and to help believers know Christ. Contact her,