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The Drive Through

Today I found myself once again sitting in my car in the drive thru line at yet another fast food restaurant. By now, I knew the menu by heart, not to mention the prices. I had collected all the kids’ meal toys for the grand kids, the freebies that entice us to stop in and buy another heart attack in a bun with cardboard fries on the side. Why do we do this? I asked myself. Why am I here again?

The answer was obvious, it’s convenient, I don’t have to get out of my comfortable car and sit down inside, I can just grab and go on my way.

Then the Lord spoke to me, “Reminds me of your devotions lately!”

What? I thought? Why Lord, what could you possibly mean by that? You know that I am devoted, even spiritual! After all, I’ve been saved over forty years! I’m one of the elders of the church, someone that others go to for encouragement and counsel. Whatever could be wrong with my devotions?

And then I began to think about how many times lately in the rush and hustle of life, I have been too busy for a real “meal” with the Lord. I hastily grab a few minutes, a devotional book or card, or skim through a scripture on the web, spiritual fast food. Like real fast food, it may have some nutritional value, but not like a home cooked meal that I take time to savor and enjoy. But I don’t have to get out of my comfort zone to eat it. I can just grab and go with a scripture or thought written by some Bible scholar that may or may not have what I need at that point in time.

I thought about an article that I had read about the long lasting effects of high calorie high fat fast foods that we partake of, how it adds unhealthy weight and clogs our arteries…in essence, shortening our very life span. I saw the parallel immediately. When I live on the “fluff of a devotional and don’t take time to open the Bread of Life, the Word of God and find the nugget that He has prepared for me that day, I am shortening my spiritual lifespan. My worship becomes stiff and my spiritual arteries clogged with the cares of this life, because I haven’t absorbed the kind of spiritual food that will sustain me in my trials. Eventually I will become overweight with the worries and cares of life, while becoming frail in my faith and worship.

So, today I have decided to start a diet of good things. Oh yes, I’m avoiding the drive through in the natural, Lord knows I don’t need any more of that junk. But just as I have determined to prepare good nutritious home cooked meals that are healthy for me and my family I am just as determined to seek out the spiritual nutrition that He has prepared for me in His Word. Just as fast food comes with a price and often an exorbitant one at that, spiritual starvation is much too high a price to pay for my drive through devotions.

He is deserving of my time, I will not rob Him of it any longer. After all, there’s no more blessed place to be than in His presence‒ that’s what I really hunger after for therein is fullness of Joy.

The writer of this article is Betsy Hallatt.

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