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Are you satisfied in your soul?

There is never a time in our spiritual life when we should be completely satisfied. How can we know any more of the Spirit when we barely tap into the surface of what He has available? Yet, our spiritual desire for more of Him gets overridden with things that are of no lasting matter. Someone once said, “Whenever we take Jesus out of our lives we are doomed.”

God’s Spirit tugs at our heart to draw us into His presence. We misinterpret His call so we try to satisfy that restlessness with other things. When we’re with the Maker of the universe we’re never dissatisfied. Remember, He’s the One who called out the stars and placed the galaxy in place; my goodness, why should we ever consider that taking time in His presence is inconvenient or boring?

Our challenge is to respond to that calling of His Spirit to us. When that connection is made, you will know it in your spirit. It causes us to call out to our Savior, Jesus, the One who sits on the Heavenly Throne beside His Father, and the One who desires to have us know Him. Jesus has done all He needed to provide a way to approach Him.

We must put our mind and body into action. He always has more for us; there is no limit to what we can receive from Him. God wants us in His presence; isn’t that amazing?

Put Him to the test and see for yourself. Cry out to Him, “I want more of you, O Lord, where Your Spirit brings me into a new level of relationship and Your joy floods over me, when all that matters is You, Jesus, Your power, and Your Spirit to penetrate my very being.”

It’s not His will for us to live without His presence, without His fulfilling love, without that longing for His fellowship. Once we allow His Spirit to freely work in us we are never satisfied with the mundane, with the average, and that’s the way He wants our relationship to be with Him.

The challenge for us then is to respond to His Spirit’s call to our spirit. Let Him freely draw you into a way of living that will satisfy you day after day. Right now His Spirit calls; He’s ready, are you?

Florence Simmons writes to glorify God and to help believers know Christ. Contact her,