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Don’t Reject America’s Foundation

Was our nation founded on godly principles? What’s your opinion?

People looking for personal and religious freedom brought to America godly moral principles.

The common man has not always had the privilege to know or to read about godly principles. In years past, the Scriptures were written in languages people couldn’t read or understand and there were very few copies, unlike the abundance we have today. The people had to rely on teachers who supposedly understood the Scriptures.

The past centuries didn’t have our technology and many of the early Bible’s were copied by hand, a very tedious task. In 1455, the dream and work of Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press made it possible to print numerous copies of the Bible. God has always protected His Word. In 1604, King James I of England gave the Church endorsement to translate what is now known as the Authorized Version. Some 54 learned men took several years to translate the KJV from the earlier languages.

By the seventeenth and eighteenth century the abundance of printed Bibles had powerfully impacted English-speaking people in Britain and consequently in America. The Bible’s ideas of personal responsibility, its moral code, its emphasis on freedom of conscience, and hundreds of other biblical concepts were accepted by scores of common people who were now able to read the Scriptures for themselves.

Such a brief summary of the history of Scripture does not adequately convey the watchful care of the Word that was brought to us over the centuries. What we do know is that those looking for freedom in America brought their Bibles with them, and godly morals were what established our country. Author Jim Combs writes, “The founders of Connecticut, who enacted what was the first constitution in America in 1630, were strongly influenced by biblical principles.” Also, “Through the leadership of Roger William and John Clarke, Rhode Island became a colony with very advanced religious and civil rights.” Many colony charters included allegiance to God.

The American Bible Society, founded in 1819, was formed to circulate Bibles throughout the inhabited world. In 1983, this Bible Society declared the “Year of the Bible” for the first time. A resolution was written: “The US CONGRESS DECLARED THE BIBLE TO BE THE WORD OF GOD.” In the joint resolution, they acknowledged, “the Bible, the Word of God, has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive blessed nation and people,” and “that renewing our knowledge of and faith in God through Holy Scripture can strengthen us as a nation and a people.” The second and last time for a “Year of the Bible” was declared in 1999.

Would our society ever accept another “Year of the Bible”? In just fifteen years, our country has vastly distanced themselves from acknowledging that the principles of the Bible helped shape our country. Many would prefer to diminish its value or even denounce its influence. Somewhere in these latter years we missed “renewing our knowledge of and faith in God through Holy Scripture.” We are now experiencing the awful impact of rejecting our foundation and the One who had blessed us.

Quotes from “The Powerful Worldwide Impact of the Bible” by Jim Combs in Mysteries of the Bible now Revealed, pgs 157-171. Combs is an evangelist and conference speaker on prophetic subjects.

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