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It’s Lethal

Would you purposely sip on poison?

I don’t know of anyone who would consciously and continually sip on poison. Do you? Such a deliberate act reaps continuous physical problems and, over a period of time, immense pain. Wouldn’t he know, we would reason, that he would eventually kill himself?

A speaker at a woman’s spiritual retreat I attended dropped a bombshell statement that she herself had heard: “Holding onto unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.” With our minds filled with revenge, we deceive ourselves into thinking we can inflict harm on the individual(s) by hate and unforgiveness, when in reality we reap the fatal consequences.

Yes, there really are multitudes sippin’. They are sippin’ on the poison of unforgiveness. If you’re a sipper, you might want to notice the effect it’s having on your relationships with others; how it’s attacking your body, and hindering your fellowship with God. If you don’t want to recognize these facts, I’m sure others do, and they wish they could tell you it’s true.

While people sip on unforgiveness, they continually remember the loathing they have and the reason they will not forgive that person or that situation (how many years ago was that?). Meanwhile, the person(s) involved has probably forgotten the whole incident and skipped to the next phase of his or her life. Yet you’re stuck on hold.

Pride and selfishness keeps feeding your stubbornness giving you an excuse to hold on even tighter, and all the time Satan delights in the mess that is happening in your life. Why play into the enemy’s hands? Remember, each time you hold on to bitterness and unforgiveness, you are sippin’ poison. God has His time when He will repay such a situation so release the problem to Him.

The more you embrace unforgiveness, the longer it can control you and do its dirty work of wreaking havoc on your body and hampering your spiritual growth. You find that your spiritual connections become cloudy and affects everything and everyone in your life. Why did Jesus say that if you forgive you will be forgiven (Matthew 6:14)? He knows the consequences of unforgiveness and the devastation it brings. Like a loving Father, He desires to protect you from all the fallout.

Today is the day to get rid of this lethal habit, which brings you potential death. Right now let unforgiveness go, let it go and allow Christ to help you walk in a restored and renewed life.

Florence Simmons writes to glorify God and to help believers know Christ. Contact her,