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God’s Latest Poll Says…

Have you seen God’s latest Poll? NO? Neither have I.

When it came to the will of God here on earth, He never stops first to ask mankind, “What do you think?” God doesn’t take polls.

God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven. His plans are above and beyond our understanding. We can’t define His purposes nor are we intellectually capable of knowing His thoughts, or of originating any miraculous new advice for Him.

Some leaders may require input from others on staff or outside resources. God doesn’t need our advice because HE IS ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL, and COMPLETELY in CHARGE! HE IS GOD who created the cosmos and the whole realm, the visible and invisible. His creative ability is so immense; why would He need any humans input? What He has done up until now is only part of His final purpose.

Polls aren’t needed either when it comes to His plans for you and me. When we connect to His purposes we learn that He has fantastic designs for us, more than we could ever have considered or realized. In fact, He has a GREAT PLAN for each and every one of us.

His whole goal from the beginning will someday be completed. It’s in His Word. Part of that goal includes:

*He provides a way into heaven through the blood He shed on the cross.
*He was resurrected from death and walked among mankind ALIVE.
*He ascended into heaven, was royally treated and seated next to God His Father.
*His grace (favor) offers forgiveness to us when we ask Him.
*His good news will spread to all nations through believers.
*His body of believers will be resurrected to heaven in a nanosecond.
*He warns us still of the Great Tribulation spoken of in Matthew 24.
*He will come back to earth as the glorified SON OF MAN– JESUS ‒ will reign forever.

He doesn’t need to take a poll either to determine what to do next. He already knows the future.

ALMIGHTY GOD has wonderful plans to bless your life. Connect with Him and He will guide your future. He’s best since He’s had experience.

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