Receive Florence’s Update



Joseph had his
hopes and dreams
Like any young man would,
it seems

To soon be married to
this beautiful girl.
So far, life with her
has been a wonderful whirl

They would have a family
no doubt,
Children in their lives
who would play and shout.

It will be the life for
which they both had dreamed
A far too distant dream
it seemed

But oh, what an intrusion God
had planned for this man
A baby to be born, without Joseph, was not part of their plan

How could God have such
audacity and gall?
For a plan like this, He
EXPECTS Joseph to fall?

But out of that call to
Joseph came
Blessings, that are too
many to name.

It seems this call
of God comes to us all
With intrusiveness
that requires lots of gall.

What about those fishermen,
And Matthew too,
And the rich young ruler
had much on which to stew

Think of the shepherds
asked to leave their sheep
The price of this intrusion
is pretty steep.

And those poor wise men
with gifts of great price,
This is more than an intrusion,
it feels like a heist.

“To obey is better than
sacrifice” it has been said,
But to obey is the sacrifice
that makes us so sad.

Then out of the ashes.
Rubble, and smoke
Comes fulfillment,
satisfaction and hope.

For once Joseph said,
He found a new fulfillment
in each day.

And he learned this lesson:
“Say yes to the Lord,
And from that day on
you will never be bored.”

So again as we come
to this time of the year
The season we find
to be so very dear

I pray Lord help me
to learn as Joseph did learn,
To let Your intrusions
in my heart burn

To obey Your will and
walk in Your way,
And find Your fulfillment
in my life everyday.

Pastor David Simmons On staff at Destiny Church, Ruskin, FL (semi-retired)