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Do you know that today more Christians are being martyred than in any other time in history?

That may be hard for some of us to grasp since the word persecution isn’t
a word we commonly hear or need to consider. Yet, frequently persecution has been the means of spreading the gospel in ways it would not have been spread.

After Jesus’ resurrection He appeared to the disciples and gave them instructions to go into the entire world and preach the good news of salvation. What did that mean to them? The disciples were already preaching right in Jerusalem and seeing many believe and accept Christ. They could have thought they were doing enough right where they were. The disciples were content to be with their family, friends, and their own culture. They couldn’t envision God’s greater desire and magnitude outside of their own narrow vision.

Acts 8:1-8 tells us that persecution started against the leaders of His new Church. To escape prison and death the disciples had to flee the Land of Israel. They were not gently nudged but yanked out of their comfort zone. For their safety they scattered to other countries of the then known world. Along the way they did what Jesus had told them to do‒preach Christ’s forgiveness of sins wherever they went. Multitudes who heard the gospel message, both Jews and Gentiles, now had the opportunity to be saved.

We, His church, have Christ’s instruction to spread the good news. It’s up to believers; we have the answer for the deepest desires of people’s hearts. Our neighbors, friends, and co-workers need to hear this message now. God has brought to America’s doorstep people from many cultures that are searching for real answers. With technical devises we can reach to other areas of the globe.

All those who are without Jesus as their Lord and Savior are heading straight for hell. Are you content staying in the background? Will God allow you to sit still while the unsaved perish?

Each day ask Christ for boldness and determination to tell someone about His salvation and eternal life. Do it now. Don’t wait until persecution yanks you out of your comfort zone.

Florence Simmons writes to glorify God and to help believers know Christ. Contact her,