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Proficient Stone Throwers

Justification was what the teachers of the law and the Pharisees used to intimidate Jesus when they threw a young woman before him accused of adultery who was to be stoned. “The law requires it, you know! Now what do you say?” they cleverly asked. (John 8:1-7, NIV).

Plotting stone throwers have been around for thousands of years. No, today’s stone throwers don’t have big rocks in their hands, but their verbal stoning is loud and clear. Technology opens up opportunities we’ve never had before.

Character stoning seems to be the in thing. The media does it in sly ways. The Internet opens up an array of sites where people, with one click, can easily throw huge, mean stones and quickly exit without being confronted. Bloggers can gather hundreds of other stone throwers with one short message, whereas, in comparison, the stone throwers in Jesus’ day had just a few accomplices. How they would envy us with our abilities today!

We see in the news many leaders who have lost their compass of integrity. When their deception is brought to light we are aghast by their evilness. Yet there are good people of character and integrity in the news whom the public is all too ready to stone. These cunning stoners may not even know the individual, but in the frenzy of the moment they are willing to join in stoning the innocent. Of course, if the stoning happened to be directed at them, they would wail like a baby and proclaim innocent to any accusation.

“Now, what do you say?” was the enticing question put to Jesus. These leaders had tried to entrap Jesus many times, but Jesus is the Son of God and therefore knows everything in the hearts of mankind. No one can out-fox Jesus. His perfect answer silenced everyone when He said, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her” (John 8:7, NIV).

If a believer has been sucked into the proficient stone-throwing hysteria of today, that single statement of Jesus’ should stun him, stop him, and reverse his course. Convicted of their own sins, the accusing Jews recognized that they were not innocent. They turned from their stone throwing and attempts to entrap Jesus. The Holy Spirit’s conviction will remind each one of us too, for no one is completely innocent.

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