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Wisdom Nuggets

Those who pursue their own happiness in life usually die unhappy; the secret of lasting joy is living to make God happy. He who causes God sorrow continually can never know true joy!

God is not moved by your promises to do great things for Him tomorrow because tomorrow is not yet your own; do all you can and give all you can to God now or forget it, TODAY is the only gift you have to give!

The moment other things begin to get your attention at the expense of God, things are bound to go wrong; if you’ve been trying hard but never hit the target, take a pause, it may be that you have pushed God to the background. No one who ever shoves God back can expect to go forward in life!

It’s an error to always conclude that all which seems to go on well has God’s approval; all that begins without God doesn’t end well, though it may offer temporary happiness!

Only those who have been conquered by God will conquer in life; men who lose control of their lives to God never crash, but those who resist Him usually end up ruined!

Sometimes in life you must be prepared to walk alone no matter the pressure put on you; it is better to be deserted by all then travel down the road that leads to destruction!

Never accept any favor that will later put you in bondage; a person who cannot say ‘NO’ when necessary is no better than a slave!’

Shattered dreams should not mark the end of a man’s life adventure; remember, the fig trees did not bring forth new leaves unless they first shed off the old ones!

Ezekiel Olukolajo is an Insurance practitioner by profession and a teacher of the Word by calling. He is specifically committed to fundamentals of the Christian Faith and Discipleship. Ezekiel currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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