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I’ve got good news for you.

The truth is I’m sick. And I’m pretty certain you’re sick. We live in a contaminated world that is making us all sick. This place we inhabit is crawling with life threatening diseases, temptations, lies, and manipulations infecting the hearts, minds, and souls of every human being on this planet. These vicious germs are immune to our efforts to ward them off or destroy them. Their sole purpose is to get into our blood stream and destroy every bit of good that dwells within us. They seek to discourage, dishearten, distress, debilitate, oppress, weaken, upset, confuse, torment and completely drain us of the life God planned for us.

Our human instinct is to believe that we have control and that we can change our circumstances and situations with will power or positive thinking. So as our health continues to decline we have to face the fact that we are powerless and weak and don’t stand a chance on our own. If we, ourselves, are unable to defeat the destroyers, then what can we do? Where do we look for the antidote to the poison that is seeping into our veins and slowly killing us?

Well, I’m not a doctor, but I have the answer, and I will gladly, without charge, write you a prescription for all that ails you. You don’t have to remain sick. There is a remedy, and it is so powerful that these deadly invaders won’t stand a chance. For this medication to work at its maximum strength it must be taken daily. This amazing solution is the truth and power of God’s Word. It is absolutely vital that you get your daily dose, for it is only through the power of Christ Jesus that we win the war against the evil influences that threaten us every single day.

Don’t be just a believer in Christ, be a soldier for Christ, and fight for the life God has planned for you. Vaccinate yourself by meditating, praying, communicating, reading, talking, or hearing God’s Word on a daily basis. This will keep you armed and full of the Holy Spirit so that you are always prepared and protected when Satan attacks. He’s the master of disguise and with focused ill intent he waits for moments of vulnerability to inject a virus that he hopes will go undetected and plague you for the rest of your life. Forgetting to take your medication leaves you open and susceptible. Don’t do it!

Live a life free from all that makes you sick. It is God’s love that makes us well, through Christ’s sacrifice we are healed, and protected by the Holy Spirit remaining strong and healthy. Go now, take your daily dose, and start feeling better today!

Christ is the cure!

Writer Taci Sveda is a soldier for Christ writing about the truth and reality of this world and the impact it has on her life.

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