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Here is a Great Benefit for You

Gain the greatest benefit and help for yourself from any speaker you hear, who speaks on topics of your interest, whether in an auditorium, on television, or any technical device.

If you want to grow in knowledge or spirit, paying greater attention to what is spoken through credible speakers, will reward you as if you received pearls of great price. Much content comes our way. Treasured information intended for our benefit could be lost if it isn’t recorded somewhere easily accessible. Filter what you receive and make the decision early on what not to consider.

Here are some valuable ideas:

  • Always have something handy for recording notes: an iPad, pen and paper, or just your phone. Why? Writing down thoughts that catch your attention is better than just hearing them.
  • Refresh those thoughts soon after hearing that speaker so as to seal them in your mind. If you don’t do so promptly, you may not get back to those notes. I have sat before many speakers, but if I did not dwell on certain thoughts or discuss them with another individual, many times I would have missed the knowledge I should have received.
  • Pick a few spoken thoughts or just one particular phrase you hear and consider how it may apply to you.
  • Note how you may benefit from these thoughts in your daily routine. Ask yourself as you ponder on the select information you receive:

Can I connect these thoughts to my learning and use them for my advantage?

In what way could I plant this helpful teaching in my life?

Then work on what is needed to grow in spirit and in knowledge.

*Ponder what you have learned. Fill your mind with upright teaching.

Make the same effort to participate in learning the truths of God’s Word. When Joshua was assigned command of the Israelites to lead them into the Promised Land, God told him how to be successful: “Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you…Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night…Then you will be prosperous and successful” (Joshua 1:7-8, NIV).

Soak your mind with God’s Word and constructive ideas; think on them and consider ways they can be utilized. Don’t let these pearls slip away. You never want to stop learning, so keep an open heart and mind. The joy comes when you share the benefit of this knowledge so that others too can learn, whether for life or spirit.

Florence Simmons writes to glorify God and to guide believers toward a deeper relationship with Christ. Reach Florence at, or