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The Sign Read

The Sign Read “Jesus Cares”

She held a cardboard sign that read, ‟JESUS CARES.”

What would you have done if God impressed on your heart to make a sign that read “Jesus Saves” and prompts you to hold it up for everyone to see? Diane Williams has shown this sign to thousands of people three times a week for three years on busy traffic corners in Tampa and Brandon, Florida.

Williams is just like you or me. She doesn’t consider herself to be any special person. When God laid it on her heart to create this sign she was horrified and at first thought, Oh, no, I couldn’t do that. She did though, and now sees these two words to have power behind them.

“Everyone wants to know that someone cares about them,” Williams explains. “What if someone was planning to end their life [and] saw this sign and changed their mind?” She doesn’t see or know the results of her commitment but she emphasizes, “This is what God called her to do.”

Some drivers beep and wave, others purposely ignore her. Some respond with indecent gestures – she prays more for those. She isn’t there to ask for money; all she wants is to give of her love to God and be obedient. That is what God asks of her. She is convinced that “This is a nonconfrontational way to remind people He’s in their lives.”

There was a time when Williams even could have used this message. Through two marriages (one abusive), two divorces, and at one time a drinking problem, she somehow raised six daughters. She had an unclear future “until a few years ago, when God called out to her.” She says of this time, “God laid this on my heart and I pictured the sign in my head.” At first apprehensive, she now considers this her job.

Williams has some who regularly walk or drive by and will stop and pray with her. She adds, “I never know who is coming by, or who is going to stop. It’s exciting.”

Her pastor explains, “She is driven by her devotion; she has no agenda. With her, it’s just about giving God glory. She’s just incredible. I’m proud of her because she stepped out and didn’t care about what anybody thought.” This preacher would like a hundred Diane’s with whom he could change the world.

Have you been impressed by God to do something so different, so outlandish, so unusual that your mind can hardly comprehend the thought? God has been drawing you to respond, but you are frightened and apprehensive; wondering what people would think. I pray that God would empower you to positively respond, and like Diane Williams step out for God’s way. Let Him take care of the outcome.

If you have had one of those “crazy idea” moments and have said “Yes” to God, let me know so that others can be encouraged through your experiences.

Information gathered from Tampa Times writer Shelley Rossetter and Times researcher John Martin at

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